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Freeform Dashboard 2.4.0+

Freeform contains its own dashboard page that gives you convenient insights and an overview of your forms, submissions, settings and logged errors. The data displayed here will respect all Permissions set for users / user groups.

Freeform Dashboard

  • Submissions
    • A list of the 10 most recent submissions will be displayed, along with a chart above it that shows submissions across all forms for the last 60 days.
    • Quick links that will take you to Submissions page, Export Profiles Pro page and the Spam Folder.
  • Forms
  • Integrations
    • A list of all API integrations connected for Freeform. This will run a check to confirm the status of each integration.
    • Quick links that will take you to Mailing Lists, CRM and Payment Gateway pages.
  • Errors
    • Conveniently let's you know if something is wrong by displaying a list of the most recent 5 errors that Freeform logged, if available.
    • Quick links that will take you to Error Log page and also clear the Freeform error log.