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Ready for wherever your project takes you.

Freeform is a versatile form-building tool that can adjust to the evolving needs of your project, whether it's a simple or complex form. It offers effective spam protection and an easy-to-use form builder with powerful field types and built-in convenience features that your users will love. Freeform integrates seamlessly with popular CRMs, email marketing services, Craft elements, and more. It includes fully customizable ready-to-go templates and also offers headless support.

The most reliable, intuitive and powerful form builder for Craft.

Freeform is the most reliable, intuitive and powerful form building plugin for Craft. Everything is at your fingertips in our elegant form builder. It gives you full control to create simple or complex multi-page forms, as well as connect your forms to many popular API integrations. Templating is easy and highly customizable. Our ready-to-go templates and features will have you ready in minutes! No other form plugin even comes close to comparing! Stop wasting valuable development hours wrestling with and tuning the Craft Contact Form or other alternatives. You can trust Freeform (and the team behind it) to deliver the quality and support you expect and deserve.

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Key Features

Freeform is loaded with features that have been battle-tested over the years from thousands of sites using them.

Constant Contact
Active Campaign
Campaign Monitor



Freeform’s form builder is a fun and intuitive drag-and-drop interface, like no other.


Map to Craft Elements

Build forms that connect and pass along data to Craft Users or Entries.

Map to Craft Elements

Conditional Rules

Effortlessly skip pages or set fields to show or hide based on the contents/selection of other fields.

Conditional rules

Spam Protection

Includes a variety of robust spam control features and Spam Folder to make managing forms easier.

Spam protection

Email Notifications

Almost every conceivable option for sending fully customizable email notifications (5 different ways)!

Email notifications

API Integrations

Connect your forms to many popular CRM's and Mailing List services!

Freeform Payments

Constant Contact
Active Campaign
Campaign Monitor


Quickly export submission data or create pre-defined Export Profile reports for your clients to run.



View, manage, edit and remove form submissions in the control panel.

Manage submissions

Demo Templates

With one click, you can have a set of working templates from popular HTML/CSS frameworks ready to go, complete with javascript-free inline error handling built in.

Demo templates

Dashboard Widgets

Powerful and beautiful dashboard widgets are like mini reports.

Dashboard widgets


Check out the chart below to help you choose the right version for your needs.

Pricing & Support



Price $99 $149
Number of sites (including dev/staging) 1 site 1 site
Support Options Helpdesk Helpdesk
Support Level
† Typical support ticket first response time within this timeframe or sooner, based on business days.
2 days† 2 days†
Support term 1 year 1 year
Updates available 1 year 1 year
Renewal (optional) $49/yr $79/yr
Compatibility Craft 3.0+ Craft 3.0+
Refund policy 30 days 30 days


Intuitive drag and drop interface Yes Yes
Popular framework examples Yes Yes
Automated templating Yes Yes
Multi-page forms Yes Yes
Conditional Rules logic No Yes
Store, view and edit submissions Yes Yes
GDPR compliant Yes Yes
Automatically purge submission data Yes Yes
Variety of email notification options Yes Yes
Exporting of data CSV Text, CSV, XML, JSON
Export profiles (pre-configured) No Yes
Attach forms to entries Yes Yes
Unlimited custom fields Yes Yes
Custom statuses Yes Yes
Basic field types (text, textarea, email, number, checkbox, checkbox group, radio buttons, file upload, hidden, select, dynamic recipients, HTML block, confirm, password) Yes Yes
Premium field types (date & time, phone, rating, regex, website) No Yes
Populate fields with Element data or Predefined options Yes Yes
Map submission data to Craft Elements Yes Yes
Formatting templates as HTML files Yes Yes
Email notification templates as HTML files Yes Yes
Built-in spam protection Yes Yes
Spam folder Yes Yes
Spam blocking Yes Yes
reCAPTCHA v2 Checkbox No Yes
Mailing List API integrations No MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, dotmailer, Craft Campaign plugin
CRM API integrations No Salesforce Lead, Salesforce Opportunities, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive, Insightly, SharpSpring
Accept Payments through Stripe with Freeform Payments add-on Yes Yes
Dashboard widgets No Yes
Translatable Yes Yes


"Freeform Pro is really head and shoulders above any other form builder I've used."

"Having reliable form processing is critical to making my clients' websites work. Using Freeform gives me the power to create flexible forms with less hassle than creating them manually."

"It's a fantastic plugin for Craft which we use on nearly all of our project websites."

"Freeform tends to add features before I realize I need them!"

"I love Freeform! Been using it on sites for a long time and I like how full-featured it is."

"Love this product... one of the best things built for Craft in my opinion."

"Awesome plugin! Saved a ton of time for me. Worth the money spent."

"Freeform has allowed me to do things that were once impossible for a project I was working on. It's easy to use and incredibly powerful!"

*(Testimonials collected from an anonymous Freeform product feedback survey and through private support tickets)

Why Freeform?

Rest assured that Freeform and the team behind it are committed to providing you with the level of quality and support that you expect and deserve.

Top Notch Support

Top Notch Support

Our commitment to providing top-notch customer support is well-known in the Craft CMS community. We always aim to deliver the best and most dependable assistance to our valued customers.

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20+ Years Experience

20+ Years Experience

For over 20 years, Solspace has been creating, maintaining, and providing support for software to more than 20,000 customers. In total, over 400,000 plugins have been sold or downloaded for free.

About Solspace

Active Development

Active Development

Craft CMS users widely prefer Freeform, a plugin that boasts an impressive track record of continuous development, including numerous feature upgrades, enhancements, and bug fixes.

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Frequently asked questions about buying Freeform.

How many sites can I use my license on?

Each purchase of Freeform allows usage for 1 website, with the exception of development and staging versions of that site.

If I buy Lite now, can I switch to Pro later?

Yes! The Pro version just adds onto the functionality available with Lite. To make the switch, you just need to purchase the Freeform Pro addon plugin in the Craft Plugin Store (for the difference in price).

Do you offer discounts to non-profits?

Yes, we offer a discount to non-profits for 20% off the regular price upon proof of non-profit status. Please contact us for more information about this.

Can I try before I buy?

In the Craft Plugin Store you can install a trial of Freeform to try it out!

Does the Trial version limit features?

The trial versions of Solspace software are not limited in any way. However, if you attempt to use a trial version on a production site, Craft will display a red banner at the top of your control panel alerting you to purchase a license.