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2.x Discontinued


Important Notice - May 16, 2024

The Express Forms plugin has been discontinued.

It was originally created as a free and reliable form-building plugin for Craft CMS when other options were limited. It allowed for experimentation and trying different approaches, which was challenging to do with Freeform due to legacy constraints.

Over time, we incorporated new features and improved approaches from Express Forms into Freeform. With the significant rewrite of Freeform 5, we addressed many limitations related to extending and custom module development.

Now, Freeform 5 includes three editions: Express, Lite, and Pro. The Express edition of Freeform is free and suitable for most small sites that only require a simple contact form while offering many additional features and benefits.

What does this mean?

  • Express Forms will not have a Craft 5-compatible version.
  • Freeform 5 works on both Craft 4 and 5 and includes a migration utility from Express Forms.
  • There will be no further updates for Express Forms 2.x, but support and critical bug fixes will continue.
  • Customers with a Pro license of Express Forms will receive a free license to Freeform Pro for the transition. If we were unable to reach you, please get in touch with us.

Please see the Freeform migration guide for more information.

Form building, your way.

Express Forms is a free and dependable form building plugin for Craft CMS. It offers more features than the native Craft Contact Form plugin, is easy to use, and highly customizable for developers. It also has popular API integrations built-in, saving development time.

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