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Constant Contact Mailing List API Integration Pro

This documentation page assumes you have read over the Mailing List Integration Overview page. If you have not yet read it, please do so now. We assume that you have a Constant Contact account already, along with mailing list(s) already created. This integration requires that you have Freeform Pro. If you currently have Freeform Lite, you can purchase an upgrade to Freeform Pro.

Constant Contact integration includes support for the following:

  • Field mapping to standard fields.

Setup Instructions

Constant Contact API integrations are a little uglier since they include another layer of API calls by using Mashery API Management. You essentially have to connect Constant Contact to Mashery, and then Mashery to Freeform. Don't trust your instincts and just follow the steps below closely and it won't be as bad as it looks.

  1. Sign up for a Mashery API Management account:
  2. Create Mashery API Application:
  3. Connect Mashery API Application to Constant Contact:
    • Click on the API tester tab.
    • In the select dropdown menu, select your app/key from the list and click the Get Access Token button.
    • You'll be taken to a Constant Contact page where it asks you to register. Click the I already have an account link at the top of the page, and then log into Constant Contact (if not already).
    • Once logged in, you'll be presented an OAuth form, asking if you want to allow access. Click Allow button.
    • You'll be shown an access token, but don't worry about making any note of it. Click Done button.
    • You have now connected Constant Contact to Mashery.
    • Leave this page open and open a new tab to go to Craft control panel...
  4. Prepare your site's end for Integration:
    • Go to the Mailing Lists section in Freeform Settings (Freeform > Settings > Mailing Lists)
    • Click the New Mailing List Integration at the top right.
    • Select Constant Contact from the Service Provider select dropdown.
    • Enter a name and handle for the integration.
      • In the OAuth 2.0 Return URI field, a URL will be automatically populated for you. Do not change or adjust this.
    • Copy the URL in the OAuth 2.0 Return URI field to your clipboard.
    • Leave this page open.
  5. Prepare Mashery's (Constant Contact) end for Integration:
    • Go back to your browser tab with Mashery site in it.
    • Click on Apps & API Keys from the navigation options.
    • Click on the Applications sub navigation option.
    • Click the Edit link for your app.
    • In the Redirect URI for OAuth calls field, delete the default value of http://localhost and paste the URL you copied from the OAuth 2.0 Return URI field in Freeform.
    • Click on the Save button.
    • Click on the Keys sub navigation option.
    • On this page, it'll display your app's Key and Secret. You will need to copy each of these values.
  6. Prepare the Connection:
    • Go back to your your Craft/Freeform browser tab,
    • Copy the value inside the Key field from Mashery (should be a long alphanumeric hash) and paste into Client ID field in Freeform.
    • Copy the value inside the Secret field from Mashery (should be a long alphanumeric hash) and paste into Client Secret field in Freeform.
    • At the top right corner of Freeform page, click Save button.
  7. Finish the Connection:
    • You will then be presented a Constant Contact OAuth login form.
    • Enter in your Constant Contact (not Mashery) login details and click Log In button.
    • Once logged in, you'll be presented an OAuth form, asking if you want to allow access. Click Allow button.
    • You should now be returned to the Freeform Mailing List setting page.
    • Confirm that there is green circle with Authorized in the middle of the page.
    • That's it! You can now use this integration inside Composer.