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dotmailer Mailing List API Integration Pro 2.4.2+

This documentation page assumes you have read over the Mailing List Integration Overview page. If you have not yet read it, please do so now. We also assume that you have a dotmailer account already, along with mailing list(s) already created. This integration requires that you have Freeform Pro. If you currently have Freeform Lite, you can purchase an upgrade to Freeform Pro.

Includes support for the following:

  • Field mapping to standard and custom fields.

Setup Instructions

  1. Create & get API Key from dotmailer:
    • Go to dotmailer website and log into your account.
    • At the bottom left corner, click on the profile with cog icon, then click Access menu option.
    • Click on the API Users tab, and then click New User button.
    • Enter an confirm a password and take note of it for yourself.
    • After the page reloads, copy the auto generated API connector email address under the Email column.
  2. Setup Integration on your site:
    • Go to the Mailing Lists section in Freeform Settings (Freeform > Settings > Mailing Lists)
    • Click the New Mailing List Integration at the top right.
    • Select dotmailer from the Service Provider select dropdown.
    • Enter a name and handle for the integration.
    • Paste the dotmailer API connector email address into the API User Email field in Freeform.
    • Enter the chosen password for that API user in the Password field in Freeform.
    • At the top right corner of Freeform page, click Save button.
  3. Verify Authorization:
    • After the integration is saved, it'll return you to the list of mailing list integrations.
    • Click into the newly created integration.
    • Confirm that there is green circle with Authorized in the middle of the page.