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CRM Integrations Pro

Freeform Pro supports some popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) API integrations. Inside the Settings area of Freeform, there is a CRM Integration Manager, which allows you to manage your CRM API integrations. If you currently have Freeform Lite, you can purchase an upgrade to Freeform Pro.

The following CRM integrations are currently available for Freeform Pro only (click each one for individual setup instructions):

CRM Integrations

User Guide:

Can I make my own CRM or Email Marketing API integration?

Some important things to know about CRM integrations are:

  • CRM integrations are globally available to all forms, but are configured per form inside the form builder interface.
  • Most - if not all - integrations attempt to map all available fields and custom fields, but some may have limitations if the API is too complex or doesn't allow it.
  • If a CRM integration has been configured, you will see a CRM button at the top of the Property Editor (right column) in the form builder. To configure the CRM for a form, click that button and then select an integration name from the options. You may then map out your Freeform fields to your CRM's fields.

Every integration is a little bit different, so we have detailed instructions for setting up each integration on their own page.