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Formatting Templates

Formatting Template Examples

Freeform includes a large number of example formatting templates to choose from. You can use these as a starting point and adjust them to suit your needs, or simply create your own from scratch. The following formatting templates are located in the /vendor/solspace/craft-freeform/packages/plugin/src/templates/_defaultFormTemplates/ directory. If you wish to create your own modified version, just copy the code below, or the template file (e.g. bootstrap-5.twig) and paste it into your Formatting Templates directory in the specified Craft Templates directory (e.g. /templates/freeform/), and rename it to whatever you like.

User Guide:

Quick troubleshooting the most commonly reported issues with your form's appearance, behavior, or submission of the form on the front end.

Video: Preview of Formatting Template Examples

Framework Agnostic

Plug-and-play neatly styled basic formatting templates that don't require any frameworks or toolkits, etc.

  • Basic Light
  • Basic Dark
  • Basic Floating Labels
    • Displays labels in the center of the inputs and shrinks them to the top-right when clicked and/or contains a value.
  • Conversational
    • Displays 1 field at a time, and smoothly scroll down to the next question until complete. It behaves similarly to how Typeform displays forms, and is also a great choice for survey forms.


Barebones starter templates that require additional CSS to complete the styling.

Formatting templates that are set up to automatically work well with popular frameworks.



Live Demo

The demo below is a live demo site that shows most of what the Demo Templates include (some sections and data has been limited).