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News & Roadmap

Many of our best ideas come from listening carefully to our customers! Check out below to tell us about features you'd like to see added in Freeform. You can also get a taste of what's on our roadmap and what we're currently working on below.

What's New!

Freeform 4 for Craft 4

We're excited to announce that Freeform 4 for Craft 4 is now available! Since Craft announced its annual release cycle, we have decided we will sync our major releases along with them. We will continue to add and improve exciting new features throughout the year, but major version Craft compatibility and breaking changes will be reserved for the major releases. Because of this, while Freeform 4 may not have many observable new features or changes, a lot of that has happened under the hood. To learn about those changes, please see the special Freeform 4 upgrade guide here.

Freeform 3.13

We're pleased to announce another big update! Freeform 3.13 adds even more features and improvements! While there are a wide variety of changes and additions, we'll cover some of the bigger ones here:

Success Behavior

One of the more exciting features is the addition of the form Success Behavior setting inside the form builder for each form. This means that you are now able to explicitly specify whether the form should reload the form and display a success message (and customize the message), load a success template in place of the form (and specify which template to use), or redirect to a URL. Before, you needed to rely on default behaviors or inserting code at template level to get the behavior needed, especially when AJAX was enabled. Now, you have full control without needing to do any of that. If you still like handling the behavior and overriding at template-level... no worries. That all still works too.

Success Behavior

Do not worry when upgrading! To preserve legacy and avoid breaking existing installs, the default for all existing forms will be No effect, meaning that your forms continue to behave like Freeform 3.12 and older until you set your preferred behavior. If you aren't able to make the changes right after updating to 3.13, we would encourage you to eventually review each form and update them to the explicit behavior you actually want for each form.

Close Dates & Logged In Limits

We've also added the ability to set a close date for when your form should no longer accept submissions and if the form should only allow logged in users to submit the form, etc. There are now a variety of validation check combinations available.

Success Behavior

User Author Data Now Built In

Freeform submissions will now gather the submitter's user ID if they're a logged in user. There are many use-cases for this. With this now being available, Freeform's control panel pages all include Author data and options, including the ability to remove or assign a different author to a submission. You can also access this data in your templates via the submission object, e.g. and, etc.

Author Data

See the rest of the changes in the Changelog...

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Surveys & Polls Form Type

Freeform 3.13 introduces the concept of form types. Form types are plug-and-play add-ons for Freeform that enable additional powerful features for specific types of forms. Expect to see a variety of new specialized form types available for Freeform in the future. Our first add-on form type is Surveys & Polls.

With the Surveys & Polls form type, you get access to a special reporting area inside the control panel that allows you to view stats and charts for each field type. The reports can be customized to use different chart types and hide specific fields. You can even generate a PDF exported document to share with other members of your team.

If you already have some forms used as surveys or polls, simply switch the form type in the form builder to Surveys & Polls and you'll instantly and retroactively have reports available for these forms!

Surveys & Polls form type


We have packed our schedule with many exciting updates and additions for Freeform!

Updates to Form Builder

We are currently working on extensively redesigning the form builder to be even more intuitive! Stay tuned for updates!

Simple User Mode

We've heard your feedback, and we're now working on an update that will allow very granular control over the form building experience for client users. With these controls, you'll be able to set defaults for most settings and options, as well as choose if the setting should be limited or completely hidden. This will dramatically clean up and improve the client user experience and also prevent them from accessing settings that could easily break forms, etc.

Improvements to GraphQL / Headless

We will be extensively planning and improving GraphQL and headless functionality with Freeform! Stay tuned for updates!

More Form Types!

We will continue to work on building more exciting form types that are heavily specialized to handle a variety of behaviors so that Freeform will always be ready for wherever your project takes you. These form types will unlock powerful features without making the core Freeform plugin complicated for sites that do not need that functionality.

Stay tuned for updates!

Feature Requests

Many of our best ideas come from listening carefully to our customers! If you have any ideas or feedback to provide us about Freeform (or what you're seeing in the upcoming Freeform roadmap), please visit the "Feature Requests" area in the GitHub Discussions area of the Freeform repository, where you can see all other requests made and vote up ideas you love!