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Many of our best ideas come from listening carefully to our customers! Check out below to tell us about features you'd like to see added in Freeform. You can also get a taste of what's on our roadmap and what we're currently working on below.

What's New!


Freeform 5 is now available! Look for many new features and improvements!

All-new Form Building Experience!

The best form-building experience just got better! The Freeform form builder is an all-in-one interface that lets you take control of almost every aspect of your forms. Everything is at your fingertips. It's been completely redesigned to streamline your experience and give you more power.

The form settings have also been reorganized:

Smarter Fields

Fields are no longer global to all forms -- unless you want them to be. Each new form starts fresh with a set of field types you can add to the form layout. If you have common fields, save them as Favorites to easily reuse them in the future. Looking for a field you used on another form somewhere? Use the field search feature to find it and drag it into your form.

Group field type

A new Group field type is available! It allows you to drag other fields into it. This becomes especially powerful when using with Conditional Rules, as you'll be able create a single rule to show/hide an entire group of fields at once.

Stripe Payment Element

Freeform 5 now uses the Payment Element approach from Stripe. The Payment Element is a UI component that accepts 40+ payment methods, validates input, and handles errors. This means that in addition to accepting credit cards, it will allow you to enable support for Stripe Link, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal (within Europe), bank payments, deferred payments and many other options. Within minutes you can have anything from a form accepting donations to a membership registration form that has users pay for a subscription at any interval. The possibilities are endless!

Email Notifications Improved

Email notifications have been improved in Freeform 5! The form builder now has a Notifications tab dedicated to configuring all types of email notifications (except for template-level ones).

Integrations Improved

The form builder has a new dedicated tab to handle the configuration of all integrations for your form.

Template Overrides

Templating is a breeze with the new template overrides feature!




{{ form.render({
    fields: {
        "@global": {
            attributes: {
                input: { class: "form-input form-text" },
                label: { class: "form-label" },
        ":required": {
            attributes: {
                label: { "+class": "form-required" },
        "@dropdown": {
            attributes: {
                input: {
                    "-class": "form-text",
                    "+class": "form-select",
        "@checkbox" : {
            attributes: {
                input: {
                    "=class": "form-check",
}) }}


We have packed our schedule with many exciting updates and additions for Freeform!

Form Export/Import Utility

Building forms across multiple server environments can be painful. This is why we are working on building a form exporting and importing utility. It will allow you to build a form on your local environment, export it, and then easily import it into your staging or production environment. You can even use this as a way to set up boilerplate forms, and more!

Limited Users

We've heard your feedback, and we're now working on an update that will allow very granular control over the form-building experience for client users. With these controls, you'll be able to set defaults for most settings and options and choose if the setting should be limited or completely hidden. This will dramatically clean up and improve the client user experience, and prevent them from accessing settings that could easily break forms, etc.

Feature Requests

Many of our best ideas come from listening carefully to our customers! If you have any ideas or feedback to provide us about Freeform (or what you're seeing in the upcoming Freeform roadmap), please visit the "Feature Requests" area in the GitHub Discussions area of the Freeform repository, where you can see all other requests made and vote up ideas you love!