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ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Integration Pro

This documentation page assumes you have read over the Email Marketing Integration Overview page. If you have not yet read it, please do so now. We also assume that you have an ActiveCampaign account already, along with mailing list(s) already created. This integration requires that you have Freeform Pro. If you currently have Freeform Lite, you can purchase an upgrade to Freeform Pro.


  • Field mapping to all standard and custom fields.
  • Field mapping to Contact Tags. 3.9.2+

Duplicate Check & Update

  • Duplicate check on Contact email address (will update other details if it matches instead of creating a new contact).

Setup Instructions

  • Go to ActiveCampaign website and log into your account.
  • At the bottom left corner, click on the Settings nav menu option / gear icon (above profile icon).
  • On the next page, click the Developer subnav option near the middle of the page.
  • Leave this page open and open a new tab to go to Craft control panel...
  • Go to the Email Marketing section in Freeform Settings (Freeform > Settings > Email Marketing).
  • Click the New Email Marketing Integration at the top right.
  • Select ActiveCampaign from the Service Provider select dropdown.
  • Enter a name and handle for the integration.
  • Copy the value in the URL field from ActiveCampaign and paste it into the API URL field in Freeform.
  • Copy the value in the Key field from ActiveCampaign and paste it into the API Key field in Freeform.
  • At the top right corner of Freeform page, click Save button.
  • After the integration is saved, it'll return you to the list of Email Marketing integrations.
  • Click into the newly created integration.
  • Confirm that there is green circle with Authorized in the middle of the page.

Mapping to Contact Tags 3.9.2+

When mapping to Contact Tags, you can use any type of Freeform field you like, allowing for the most flexibility for all workflows. If you wish to have the user select their own tags, Freeform will automatically map over option value(s) from option fields such as checkbox groups, select fields, etc. If you wish to have tags forced upon submitters, you can include a Hidden or Invisible field type and include tag(s) in the value in the form builder. When specifying multiples, separate each with a semi-colon (;), e.g. basic;premium;premium plus;preferred.