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CRM API Integrations

Freeform supports some popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) API integrations. Inside the Integrations area of Freeform, there is a CRM API Integration Manager, which allows you to manage your CRM API integrations.

The following CRM integrations are currently available (click each one for individual setup instructions):

Connect CRM

CRM API Integration Field Mapping in Composer


Some important things to know about CRM integrations are:

  • CRM integrations are globally available to all forms, but are configured per form inside the Composer interface.
  • Most - if not all - integrations attempt to map all available fields and custom fields, but some may have limitations if the API is too complex or doesn't allow it.
  • If a CRM integration has been configured, you will see a CRM button at the top of the Property Editor (right column) in Composer. To configure the CRM for a form, click that button and then select an integration name from the options. You may then map out your Freeform fields to your CRM's fields.

Every integration is a little bit different, so we have detailed instructions for setting up each integration on their own page.