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Solspace Calendar ties into regular Craft User Group Permissions. Simply visit the permissions page for the applicable user group(s) (Settings > Users > User Groups) to grant/edit/remove permissions to Calendar.


  • General
    • Access Calendar - required for users to access Solspace Calendar at all.
  • Calendar
    • Administrate Calendars - access to Calendars list page.
      • Create Calendars
      • Edit Calendars
      • Delete Calendars


      Deleting calendar(s) deletes ALL events associated with that calendar as well, so be careful which users have access to this permission.

  • Manage events in - must be checked to have access to managing events
    • All calendars - access to create/edit/delete events for ALL existing and future calendars, regardless of which ones are checked off below.
    • "MY CALENDAR NAME" calendar - access to create/edit/delete events for that specific calendar.
  • Access Settings - access to settings area for Calendar and Demo Templates install page.
  • Access Resources - access to resources area for Calendar.