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Calendar 4 for Craft CMS

Hassle-free event management.

  • Intuitive interface
  • All-day & multi-day events
  • Recurring event rules
  • Live preview
  • Calendar groups
  • Customizable
  • Fully customizable templating
  • ICS export & subscriptions
  • Display events any way
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Granular user permissions
  • Developer friendly
  • ...and more!
Add, edit, move, delete events within intuitive Month/Week/Day views for easier management of events.

The most reliable & powerful event management plugin for Craft.

Calendar is the most reliable and powerful event management and calendaring plugin on the market for Craft CMS. Calendar Events are their own element type, and the intuitive interface allows you to create events with complex recurring event rules and exclusions, while the flexible templating offers a variety of options to satisfy your calendaring needs. You can trust Calendar and the team behind it to deliver the quality and support you expect and deserve.

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Key Features

Calendar is loaded with features that have been battle-tested over the years from hundreds of sites using them.



Add, edit, move, delete events within intuitive Month/Week/Day views for easier management of events.



Create complex recurring events with exclusions!



Create as many different calendars as you need, each with their own layout.


Dashboard Widgets

Includes 4 different powerful, customizable dashboard widgets.



Adjust a wide range of settings to change the way Calendar behaves.


Live Preview

Get a feel for how your events will look on the front end, as you create them!

Live Preview

FullCalendar JS implementation

Includes a sample front end integration with the FullCalendar JS library.

FullCalendar JS implementation

Demo Templates

With one click, you can have a set of working, styled templates ready to go!

Demo templates

Element Fieldtype

Attach events to any other Craft Element type.

Demo templates


Check out the chart below to help you choose the right version for your needs.

Pricing & Support



Price $99.95 $179.95
Number of sites (including dev/staging) 1 site 1 site
Support Options Helpdesk Helpdesk
Support Level
† Typical support ticket first response time within this timeframe or sooner, based on business days.
2 days† 2 days†
Support term 1 year 1 year
Updates available 1 year 1 year
Renewal (optional) $49.95/yr $89.95/yr
Compatibility Craft 4+ Craft 4+
Refund policy 30 days 30 days


Intuitive event creation interface
Intuitive month, week & day views in CP
All day & multi-day events
Recurring event rules
Exclusion dates from recurrences
Unlimited calendar groups & colors
Element fieldtype for adding events to other Craft Elements
ICS exporting
ICS subscriptions
Powerful & flexible templating
Show events by lists, months, weeks, and days
Powerful dashboard widgets
1-click demo templates
Dashboard widgets
GraphQL support
Rename plugin

🔥 Try Calendar today and find out why so many Craft users choose and trust Calendar for their important website projects!


“I had never dealt with your support until now... I'm seriously impressed.”

“I consider Solspace plugins to be top-notch, among the best in the Craft community!”

“Very glad to find that Solspace has such great support. Never really needed it before, but now twice in one week, I was quickly helped back on track!”

“Calendar has so many repeating event options - it’s awesome and my client loves it!”

Why Calendar?

You can trust Calendar (and the team behind it) to deliver the quality and support you expect and deserve.

Top Notch Support

Top Notch Support

We pride ourselves on our level of customer support. Ask anyone around the Craft CMS community. We simply strive to offer the best and most reliable support for our customers!

See support options...

15+ Years Experience

15+ Years Experience

Solspace has been developing, maintaining and supporting software for over 15 years to over 15,000 customers! Over 400,000 plugins have been sold or freely downloaded.

Learn more about Solspace...

Active Development

Active Development

Calendar is one of the most popular plugins for Craft CMS, and has a proven history of active development filled with countless feature additions, improvements and bug fixes.

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Frequently asked questions about buying Calendar.

How many sites can I use my license on?

Each purchase of Calendar allows usage for 1 website, with the exception of development and staging versions of that site.

If I buy Lite now, can I switch to Pro later?

Yes! Just visit Calendar inside the Craft Plugin Store inside your control panel and click on the Try or Buy Now buttons, and Craft will switch the edition license for the difference in price.

Do you offer discounts to non-profits?

Yes, we offer a discount to non-profits for 20% off the regular price upon proof of non-profit status. Please contact us for more information about this.

Can I try before I buy?

In the Craft 3 Plugin Store you can install a trial of Calendar to try it out!

Does the Trial version limit features?

The trial versions of Solspace software are not limited in any way. However, if you attempt to use a trial version on a production site, Craft will display a red banner at the top of your control panel alerting you to purchase a license.