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Freeform includes member group Permission controls to allow or deny access to various pages and parts of the Freeform control panel. Simply visit the Freeform permissions page (Freeform > Settings > Permissions) to grant/edit/remove permissions to Freeform. Super Admins ALWAYS have full access.


  • Default Permissions for New Member Groups
    • Select whether newly created member groups should automatically be allowed or denied access to Freeform's permissions (member groups created later on).
  • Manage Forms - can create, edit or delete forms. All members will have access to view list of forms.
  • Access Submissions - access to the Submissions list page.
  • Manage Submissions - can view, edit or delete any or all submissions.
  • Access Fields - access to the Fields list page and ability to create, edit or delete fields.
  • Access Export - access to the Export Profiles list page and running of exports.
  • Access Settings - can access and update various settings areas for Freeform, including Email Notification Templates, Formatting Templates, Statuses, etc.
  • Access Integrations - can access and create, edit or delete API integrations.
  • Access Resources - show or hide the Resource links in the left Freeform nav.
  • Access Logs - access to the Freeform error logs.