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Calendar Calendar for ExpressionEngine

How to Buy


Looking for Calendar 4.x for EE6? Click here to switch to Calendar 4.x docs.

New Purchases of Calendar

Calendar is available for purchase via the EE Add-ons Store.

Buy Calendar at the EE Add-ons Store

Updating to Calendar 3.x for EE4 & EE5

Calendar 3.x for EE4/EE5 is a free upgrade for all Calendar 2.x for EE3 customers. If you wish to upgrade from EE3 to EE4 or EE5, simply ensure that you download a fresh copy of Calendar 3.x from your account and use the files designated for EE4 (and EE5).

Visit my EE Add-ons Store Account Visit my Solspace Account

Upgrading from EE 2.x


If you'd like to upgrade from Calendar 1.x to Calendar 2.x/3.x, please very carefully read the documentation about this, as Calendar 2.x+ was a complete rewrite with some features significantly changed or removed.

For existing Calendar 1.x customers that would like to upgrade, you must purchase a brand new license of Calendar. To purchase a new license to Calendar, please visit the EE Add-ons Store.

If you require any assistance, please contact Solspace Support.