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Freeform is very flexible and extendable, and we greatly appreciate anyone contributing to the Freeform ecosystem such as add-on plugins, services or resources. If you've developed anything that publicly contributes to Freeform, please let us know and we'll include it on this page here so others can find it.


The plugins and resources available on this page are not controlled by the Solspace / Freeform dev team in any way, and we cannot make any guarantees on the quality and reliability of them.

DocuSign integration by Hop Studios

Hop DocuSign is the bridge between your Craft CMS website using Freeform and your DocuSign document. Upon submitting a Freeform form, the user will be redirected to the DocuSign web interface to perform the digital signing before returning to the specified return URL.

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Drip integration by Extreme

Drip is an ECRM (Ecommerce CRM) that offers you the ability to market to your customers in a more personalised and strategic manner. This is achieved by selectively capturing engagement data from your customers as they interact with your website or app, and then using that information to serve more content to them across the likes of email marketing and social media. This plugin records activity in your Drip account when a visitor performs actions on your Craft CMS website: Account created Customer logs in Customer logs out Customer updates their profile.

Additionally, if you use Freeform, you can also track form submissions which is incredibly useful to associate initial contact with customers through to conversion.

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