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Multi-Page Forms

Composer - Multi-page Form

Freeform allows for true multi-page forms (a POST submit per page). Here's some important information to know about them:

  • Each page is submitted through POST
    • There is no unique URI segment per page at this time.
    • Users cannot jump ahead to different pages, only forward and backward 1 page.
  • Sessions for incomplete submissions are stored for 3hrs, and then are removed after that.
  • Users can go backward in forms (if enabled).
    • Any data entered into the current page that has NOT yet been submitted "forward" will not be saved when clicking Previous submit button. As in, clicking the Previous button will not save any changes you made to that form page.
  • If an earlier page contains file upload field(s), files will actually be uploaded before the form is officially submitted.
    • If the form is never completed, the submission clearing (described above) will remove the file after 3hrs.