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Express Forms Express Forms for Craft


All of the Express Forms control panel is translatable. Front end template translating of fields and error messages is also available.

To make a translation, follow Craft's instructions for Translating Static Text, and then check out the Express Forms-specific guide below:

  • Duplicate the express-forms.php file inside the Express Forms plugin located at the ./vendor/solspace/craft-express-forms/src/translations/en-US folder, and move it into the language ID folder (e.g. de) of your Craft ./translations/ directory. If the translations directory does not yet exist, you'll need to create it (e.g. ./translations/de/express-forms.php). You can then update those language keys inside your Express Forms translation file.

Visit the Craft documentation for more information about Setting Up a Localized Site.

If you'd like to share your translation with others, send us and email with a link to the translation file, and we'll consider including it in the main Solspace Express Forms plugin package.