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How to Buy

New Purchases of Calendar 1.x

You can continue to purchase Calendar 1.x for Craft 2.x indefinitely. However, the process is a bit more manual now as we transition new purchases away from our own store to the Craft Plugin Store. It essentially requires you purchase a Craft 3 compatible version of Calendar, and then contact us with the license(s) and we'll provide you with a copy of the Craft 2 compatible version.


Please purchase Calendar 2.x via the Craft Plugin Store website and then contact us for a Craft 2.x copy of the plugin.

Buy at the Craft Plugin Store

The Full Details

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new Craft ID account (if you don't already have one)
  2. Visit the Craft Plugin Store website to shop for Solspace plugins.
  3. Click on the plugin, scroll down and click the Buy button to add it to your cart.
    • To purchase Calendar, add Calendar ($199) to your cart.
  4. In the Cart page, click the Checkout button and complete your purchase.
  5. Once completed, visit the Plugins page in your Craft ID account and retrieve your new license(s).
  6. Contact Solspace Support and provide us the plugin license key(s) and we'll get back to you quickly with the Craft 2.x compatible version of Calendar.

In the future, whenever you're ready to update your site to Craft 3.x, you'll have immediate access to Calendar 2.x for Craft 3.x as well as a valid license for it (within 1 year of purchase), so you won't need to contact us in the future to have the license transferred, etc.

What About Updates?

Since over a year has passed since Craft 3 launch, we are no longer actively developing our Craft 2 plugins. We will continue to make security fixes, and any further updates for Calendar will be visible from the Craft 2 Updates page inside your site control panel.

Transferring 1.x License(s) to Craft 3

When you're ready to upgrade your site to Craft 3.x and you currently have a Calendar 1.x license that needs to be upgraded to Calendar 2.x+ as well, please read below...


For any Craft 2 licenses you'd like to transfer over to Craft 3, please contact us and let us know the following info:

The Full Details

The license keys for our Craft 2.x plugins are only for Solspace's use, and do not tie in with the Craft Plugin Store licensing verification system in any way. If you'd like to transfer your Craft 2 plugin license(s) over to the Craft Plugin Store, that's something we can do for you.

Both new and previous purchases of our Craft 2 plugins receive 12 months of quality, private helpdesk support and 12 months of access to all updates of the plugin. If you purchased a Solspace plugin for Craft 2 within the past 12 months, you can receive the remaining balance of that time on Craft 3 upon request. So for example, if you purchased Calendar on November 15, 2018, you can request your license be transferred to the Craft Plugin Store for no extra charge at any time until November 15, 2019, where you'll receive the duration of your 12 month license (which would expire November 15, 2019 and be up for optional renewal then).

Once your 12 month term is finished (whether that's a new purchase or the remaining time from a Craft 2 license transfer), you will be allowed to continue using the plugin, but you will not be eligible for new updates and official product support until you purchase a renewal.

If your Craft 2 plugin license has already expired (more than 12 months since purchase), we can grant you an expired license for Craft 3. That way you only need to purchase the renewal fee instead of a full new purchase to have a valid Craft 3.x plugin license.

For more exhaustive information about this, please see the official blog post.