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Calendar Calendar for ExpressionEngine

How to Buy

New Purchases of Calendar

Calendar is available for purchase via the EE Add-ons Store.

Buy Calendar at the EE Add-ons Store

Updating from EE 3.x

Calendar 3.x for EE4/EE5 is a free upgrade for all Calendar 2.x for EE3 customers. If you wish to upgrade from EE3 to EE4 or EE5, simply ensure that you download a fresh copy of Calendar 3.x from your account and use the files designated for EE4 (and EE5).

Visit my EE Add-ons Store Account Visit my Solspace Account

Upgrading from EE 2.x


If you'd like to upgrade from Calendar 1.x to Calendar 2.x/3.x, please very carefully read the documentation about this, as Calendar 2.x+ was a complete rewrite with some features significantly changed or removed.

For existing Calendar 1.x customers that would like to upgrade, you must purchase a brand new license of Calendar. To purchase a new license to Calendar, please visit the EE Add-ons Store.

If you require any assistance, please contact Solspace Support.