How to Buy

New Purchases of Calendar

Calendar is available for purchase via the EE Add-ons Store.

Buy Calendar at the EE Add-ons Store

Updating from EE 6.x

Calendar 5.x for EE7 is a free upgrade for all Calendar 4.x for EE6 customers that purchased licenses on the EE Add-ons Store. If you wish to upgrade to EE7, simply ensure that you download a fresh copy of Calendar 5.x from your account and use the files designated for EE6-7.


Anyone with an existing Calendar license purchased from the EE Add-ons Store has automatically been upgraded to access the 5.x version of Calendar.

Visit my EE Add-ons Store Account Buy Calendar at the EE Add-ons Store

If you do need further assistance, we can help you out from our end to assist in the matter. Just contact Solspace Support.

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