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How to Stay Informed

How to stay informed with updates, fixes and new features for Freeform.


Here are the best ways to stay informed about updates to Freeform:

Carefully review the changelog, available inside the Craft CP Updates page or on our documentation site. This will contain the most detailed list of fixes/changes/additions to each version of Freeform.

The Update Notices feature keeps you informed about issues that may specifically affect your site. Then pair it with the Developer Digest email notifications (weekly or daily). Every few hours, Freeform will check and see if there are any new updates available, pull the feed and then compare it against your current site environment and setup and only show you notices and warnings that apply specifically to that site. This will ensure you catch issues much sooner and minimize form issues.

Update Notices preview

Larger updates will generate Craft Announcement notices (gift icon) inside the Craft control panel.

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