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Include an "Other" Option for Fields

It's possible to have an extra option inside your Select or Radio field containing an "Other" choice, and when chosen, display an input field for them to fill in their other option.

While Freeform fields don't have this built-in, you can simulate this with the Conditional Rules feature. You can set it so that when a user selects the "Other" option in a Select/Radio field, an extra field (its own field, not related to that Select/Radio field) appears for the user to fill it in.


Here's how to do it:

  • Add an option named Other to one of your existing Select or Radio fields (this can also apply to other field types as well).
    • For the purpose of this example, we'll make it a Radio field and call it Favorite Pie with a handle of favoritePie.
  • Create a new field of the Text type and place it in the field layout close to your Select or Radio field (wherever you'd like it to show up).
    • For the purpose of this example, we'll call it Provide your own flavor... with a handle of favoritePieOther.
    • You might notice in the screenshot below that a blank HTML block was added at the right as a workaround to have the Other field not take the full width of the form.
  • In the Conditional Rules tab, follow these steps:
    • Add rules to Page 1 (or whatever your page name is).
    • For Field Rules, select Add... and choose the Provide your own flavor... field.
    • In the Add criteria dropdown, choose the Favorite Pie field.
    • Set the other dropdown to be your new Other option.


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