Freeform Classic is the original form building add-on for ExpressionEngine. It allows you to create simple or complex forms on your ExpressionEngine website. Create simple contact forms or collect more useful information from your visitors with more complex forms. You can use a manual EE Template approach, or an intuitive and enjoyable drag and drop interface to create forms. You can also create multi-page forms, and forms where submissions can be edited by the submitter.

Field type driven, Freeform Classic give you the strength and flexibility to adapt to your client's needs as they change over time.


Freeform Classic has been discontinued, but will continue to be available until sometime in 2018. Users should strongly consider switching to one of the new versions of Freeform (Freeform Lite or Freeform Pro - aka Freeform Next).

Last Updated: 1/9/2019, 4:57:15 PM