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Looking for Freeform Classic for EE2-EE5? Click here to switch to Freeform Classic docs.

New Purchases of Freeform

In May 2019, ExpressionEngine announced the launch of the EE Add-ons Store. As of May 24, 2019, we are now requiring all new purchases of Freeform be made at the EE Add-ons Store. This will ultimately be a better experience for all customers, as they will be able to manage all third party licenses in a more robust shopping cart experience as well.

Buy Freeform at the EE Add-ons Store

Upgrading 2.x Lite to Pro

With Freeform, we allow you to easily switch between the Express, Lite and Pro editions. You only pay the difference in price to make the switch (e.g. Freeform Pro costs $169 and Freeform Lite costs $99. If you purchased Lite first and later switched to Pro, you'd just pay $70 to make the switch ($169 - $99 = $70)). The process, however, will look different, depending on where you may your first purchase from.

Purchased initially at: Store

If you purchased Freeform Express or Lite at the Store, you would log into your account there to switch your license to a different edition. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit your Account on the Solspace website.
  2. Locate your existing Freeform Lite 1.x/2.x license in your list of purchases and click the Switch to Freeform Pro Add button next to it to add the upgrade to your account. Upgrading 2.x Lite to Pro
  3. In the Cart page, review your item(s), click the Checkout button and complete your purchase.
  4. Once completed, you'll see an additional product inside your Account for Freeform Pro. Download a copy of that and use those files to replace the Freeform Lite files currently on your site. No other changes or steps are necessary.
  5. You'll then see the new Freeform Pro features. Be sure to copy over your new Freeform Pro license key to the settings as well.

Visit my Solspace Account


If you started with Freeform Express and wish to upgrade to Freeform Pro, you'll have to purchase an upgrade to Lite first, and then upgrade the Lite license to Pro. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you run into any issues, or the Upgrade add to cart button isn't showing, please contact Solspace Support for assistance.

EE Add-ons Store

The EE Add-ons Store currently does not support switching of editions, and it's out of our control to allow for it. There's plans in the future to address this, but in the meantime, you will have to contact the ExpressionEngine Team at to have them handle this for you. What will likely need to happen is you purchase the higher tier edition first, and then they will refund you the difference in price from your previous purchase.

If you do need further assistance, we can help you out from our end to assist in the matter. Just contact Solspace Support.

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