Roadmap & Feature Requests

Many of our best ideas come from listening carefully to our customers! Check out below to tell us about features you'd like to see added in Freeform. You can also get a taste of what's on our roadmap and what we're currently working on below.

Freeform 4 Roadmap

Development of Freeform 4 is now underway and expected to be available sometime in mid 2020. In an effort to be transparent about what the future holds for Freeform, and so that you can plan accordingly, below is the tentative plans for upcoming features and changes. The list below is no guarantee of each and every feature, and we may add to or change some plans along the way. The details may be a bit vague right now, but check back as we solidify some plans and flesh out more details.

  • Improvements to Forms:
    • Form builder interface enhancements
    • A/B testing groups
    • Per form stats
    • Multi-page with AJAX
    • Editing of existing elements (allowing user profile editing, Craft entry editing, etc)
    • Support for GraphQL
  • Improvements to Fields:
    • No longer having a global set of fields (fields would be per form)
    • Manageable lists of pre-defined data for populating field values
  • Improvements to Submissions:
    • More robust front end editing
    • Searching on all fields in CP Submissions page
    • Storing logged in user data
    • Log reason why submission was flagged as spam
  • Improvements to Email Notifications:
    • Consolidation of database-based and template file approaches into a single template file approach. All email notification templates will be able to be edited via the Freeform control panel as if they are database-based, should you desire to edit from the control panel
  • Improvements to Exporting:
    • Ability to use date pickers to select date ranges for Quick Export and Export Profiles features
    • Other various exporting improvements
  • And more!

Feature Requests

Many of our best ideas come from listening carefully to our customers! If you have any ideas or feedback to provide us about Freeform (or what you're seeing in the upcoming Freeform 4 roadmap), please fill out the form below!

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